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Ultimate Media Networks


Bar Network:

New Zealand's largest bar and pub media network.
Age Demographic: 18-39

  • 150+ venues NZ wide
  • High quality
  • Social environment
  • Relaxed mindset
  • Positive environment


Fitness Network:

New Zealand's largest fitness centre media network.
Age Demographic: 18-54

  • 200+ locations NZ wide
  • High quality
  • Fun loving audience


Family Network:

New Zealand's only provider of media in aquatic centres.
Age Demographic: Grocery buyer with children 5-12.

  • locations nationwide
  • Includes aquatic and children playland facilities
  • High traffic and frequency facilities

Taxi Network:

New Zealand's only taxi top advertising media provider.
Age Demographic: 18-54

  • Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch & Queenstown
  • Taxis on the road 120 hours per week
  • Near 360° exposure to both pedestrians and motorists